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On every level, Westin Dragonara Malta strives to exceed expectations and deliver a truly stupendous experience. A holiday here is a rewarding privilege.

Westin Dragonara Malta is a fantastic 5-star resort located in St. Julian’s, Malta. This elegant resort offers stylish accommodation, great service, stunning sea views and two private beach lidos.

Our rating

Very good! Fantastic!


  • Value for money
  • Superb sea views
  • Stylish rooms and suites
  • Excellent location


  • Price tag (not for the average Joe)

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Westin Dragonara Malta review


The Westin Dragonara Malta, officially ‘The Westin Dragonara Resort Malta’, is definitely one of the best resorts in its class on the Maltese islands.

It’s a stunning resort with a stylish vibe, plenty of character and amazing sea views:

bay view pool and deck the westin dragonara malta

The Westin Dragonara Malta occupies 74,000 square metres and is ideal for a relaxing holiday, your business trip or as an event venue.

It’s a contemporary-style retreat with a distinct air, a good range of activities and excellent food.

interior orvm lounge and bar the westin dragonara malta

The resort’s interior is simply beautiful and its communal areas look smart and fresh.

If you want to explore the elegant islands of the Maltese archipelago, this is just the place to be. While staying at the Westin Dragonara Resort, guests can experience Malta in style.

From its two private beach lidos, one can have impressive and breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea:

sun loungers reef club pool the westin dragonara malta

The Westin Dragonara Resort’s pools are privately located to provide serenity and quietness. The pools are exquisitely large and spacious. This gives the guests the best experience and comfort while they relax.

Imagine yourself relaxing at one of these pools while enjoying the Mediterranean sun and the views… A great experience awaits you here!

A hidden gem of Westin Dragonara Malta is the Bedouin Bar. This fantastic bar is situated on the seafront and offers magnificent sea vistas:

beautiful bedouin bar at westin dragonara malta

Whether you’re longing for a casual chill-out area or looking for an ideal event location, Bedouin offers the ideal location.

At Westin Dragonara Malta, the restaurants serve first-class food and the service is excellent.

room service the westin dragonara malta

Spoil yourself with the high-quality In Room Spa Service and simply enjoy your stay at this fabulous hotel.

The ultimate goal of the Westin Dragonara Malta is to create an impeccable and unforgettable experience for its guests. The satisfaction of your personal wants and needs is always assured here.


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Rooms and Suites

Westin Dragonara Malta’s rooms are highly contemporary with beautifully decorated interiors. Most of the rooms have sea views and all of them have refreshing, bright and modern interiors:

deluxe queen sea view room the westin dragonara malta

The Westin Dragonara Malta has a wide choice of accommodation and boasts 340 well furnished rooms and suites.

The room interiors are beautiful and consciously natural. In fact, all the rooms aim for simple elegance. Less is more at Westin Dragonara Malta!


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Deluxe Queen Sea View Room

The Deluxe Queen Sea View Room is a splendid example. This room is elegantly furnished to ensure a comfortable experience which exceeds your expectations!

deluxe room the westin dragonara malta

Expect natural tones: beige walls, bleached timber furniture, crisp white bed linen, marine coloured curtains and lampshades in neutral cream tones.

The colours of the curtains reflect the Mediterranean Sea right outside the windows!

The king-size beds offer heavenly comfort and will make you sleep like a log. The Deluxe Queen Sea View Room is ideal for families as well.


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Tower Rooms

Another example are the Tower Rooms. These Tower Rooms also have ‘natural themes’ interiors:

tower room the westin dragonara malta

These Tower Rooms are the ideal choice for guests who crave for an outdoor terrace. This particular use of light and colours gives a modern and airy feeling to the room.


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Various Suites

The Westin Dragonara Malta also offers several types of Suites. All these Suites have a lovely interior and boast sizeable terraces with terrific sea views:

dragonara suite terrace the westin dragonara malta

The Dragonara Suite’s terrace (picture above) offers great views of the surroundings, from the blue sky to the extensive blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Dragonara Suite has an indoor surface area of 80 square metres and boasts a terrace of an additional 120 square metres. This fabulous private terrace features a heated outdoor jacuzzi and a rain shower.

Another type of Suites are the Penthouse Suites, which are situated on Westin Dragonara Resort’s top floor. These Penthouse Suites are perfect for the discerning traveller who appreciates top-notch comfort and luxury:

living room penthouse suite the westin dragonara malta

These Penthouse Suites boast a large living room, three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a large spacious terrace.

The living rooms are designed with large windows that provide amazing views of the adorable outside. The sofas offer you a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Imagine yourself staying in this luxurious environment while discovering Malta: wouldn’t that be living life to the fullest?

Another type of Suite which is available is the Executive Suite:

executive suite bathroom the westin dragonara malta

The Executive Suites offer sea views, a lounge area, a luxurious bathroom (see picture above) and a master bedroom (with free Wi-Fi, TV, two balconies and a King-size bed).

The beautiful suites have a surface area of 80 square metres and offer a tranquil, roomy space. The Executive Suites boast all the best amenities that guarantee you comfort and relaxation. Additionally, you can enjoy complimentary access to the Westin Executive Club Lounge.

Are you ready for an unforgettable trip to a fascinating archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea? Then choose for the luxurious and amazing environment of the Westin Dragonara Malta!


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The Terrace Restaurant

The Terrace Restaurant is renowned for its outstanding buffets (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Guests can taste a variety of both Mediterranean and international dishes here.

delicious buffet at the terrace restaurant westin dragonara malta

Westin Dragonara Resort’s Terrace Restaurant provides its guests not only with delicious meals but also with a unique setting. The Terrace Restaurant’s classic dining room has an marine themed interior:

breakfast the terrace restaurant the westin dragonara malta

The Terrace Restaurant’s surroundings consist of lush greenery and the vast Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant’s outdoor patio is perfect for an unforgettable al fresco (outdoor) dining experience:

patio the terrace restaurant westin dragonara malta

This lovely patio is the ultimate spot in the Westin Dragonara Malta to enjoy an extensive breakfast buffet.

The Terrace Restaurant’s unique setting guarantees impressive sea views and an occasional cool sea breeze which refreshes its guests.

Besides a breakfast buffet, the Terrace Restaurant also prepares a delicious evening buffet during the summer months. The Terrace Restaurant organises themed outdoor buffet nights during the summer months.

During these buffet nights, the Terrace Restaurant serves many delicacies. An example are the delicious fig canapés:

fig canapes at the terrace restaurant the westin dragonara malta

These themed outdoor buffet nights are ideal to experience a fantastic culinary experience during an al fresco dinner. Examples of these outdoor daily buffet nights are Traditionally Maltese, Fish Festival, Fusion Wonder, Caribbean Flair and Flaming Ranch BBQ.

The Terrace Restaurant also serves a buffet lunch and this on Sundays only.

Interesting fact: the Terrace Restaurant takes care of guests who have specific requirements due to food allergies for example.

The Terrace Restaurant is opened daily from 06h30 until 10h30 for breakfast. During the summer months, the restaurant is open from 19h00 until 21h30 for dinner. On Sundays, the restaurant serves lunch as well and this from 13h00 until 14h30.


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Quadro Restaurant

The Quadro Restaurant is a lovely dining venue with an elegant, classy interior. The restaurant is ideally located for a seaside dining experience. You can enjoy wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea while you have dinner here:

interior quadro restaurant the westin dragonara resort malta

The à la carte menu of the Quadro Restaurant changes seasonally and will surely exhilarate your taste buds. Quadro’s Patron Chef Jonathan Vella always brings Mediterranean flavours together in a delightful combination.

Quadro Restaurant’s culinary team is specialised in fresh fish and seafood. Excellent meat dishes are another core strength of this restaurant.

An example of such a delicious dish is the tasty ‘Duck breast’:

breast of duck quadro restaurant the westin dragonara resort malta

Guests of this fantastic restaurant can opt for both indoor and al fresco dining. The Quadro Restaurant has a capacity of 60 diners indoor and can seat an additional 80 diners outdoor.

The Quadro Restaurant’s terrace is located on the seaside. Its setting offers you comfort and great views of the magnificent Mediterranean Sea:

quadro restaurant sunset the westin dragonara malta

The Quadro Restaurant serves several unique cocktails and some delicious desserts. The restaurant’s delicacies are special, artfully prepared and presented with love and passion.

An illustration of this is the carefully prepared dessert “Coconut cheesecake and ice cream”:

coconut cheesecake quadro restaurant westin dragonara malta

You can enjoy the disappearing evening sun and unrivalled breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea while dining here. Looking for an extra dimension while having dinner? Here you have it, simple as that!

The Quadro Restaurant is definitely worth a visit when you love delicious food and an exceptional setting:

terrace quadro restaurant westin dragonara malta

Romantic candlelight, beautiful fine silver, a seaside terrace and fantastic views are a few of Quadro Restaurant’s other strengths.

The dining at the Quadro Restaurant is world-class and refined for business diners, romantic dinners or guests of a special event. In fact, the restaurant has two private rooms available. These are perfect to organise a business meeting or an intimate event.

Interesting fact: the Quadro Restaurant takes care of guests who suffer from a food allergy!

The Quadro Restaurant is open seven days a week from 19h00 until 22h00.


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Palio’s Restaurant

The Palio’s Restaurant is a casual restaurant which is perfect for families and people who appreciate Maltese and Italian dishes.

The restaurant’s interior is smartly designed to create a calming atmosphere:

interior palio's restaurant westin dragonara malta

The Palio’s Restaurant serves both Maltese and Italian dishes. Guests can choose from a large variety of pizzas, pasta dishes, grills and snacks.

The restaurant is known for its casual setting and its unrivalled customer experience. Friendly waiters and large portions are other reasons why you should try Palio’s Restaurant.

Palio’s Restaurant’s elegant bar offers just any kind of drink that guests may want while at the Westin Dragonara Malta:

bar palios restaurant westin dragonara malta

The fine drinks served at the Palio’s Restaurant’s bar reinforce the family-friendly status of the restaurant. Are you looking for something casual and relaxing? Look no further!

All dishes are served in a beautiful seaside setting and the restaurant’s terrace is a combination of pure beauty and elegance. The views of the sea from the terrace are awesomely spectacular:


The furniture and atmosphere at the Palio’s Restaurant complement the beauty and balance of the place.

The restaurant has a total capacity of 250 diners. The restaurant can seat 120 diners indoor and an additional 130 diners outdoor.

The dining tables are nicely decorated and the interior is well-designed:

tables at the palios restaurant westin dragonara resort malta

An example of a delicious dish served at the Palio’s Restaurant is skillfully prepared ‘Supreme Salmon’:

salmon supreme palios restaurant westin dragonara malta

Interesting to know is that Palio’s Restaurant serves alternative dishes for guests with certain food allergies.

Opt for Palio’s Restaurant if you’re longing for a casual and relaxing atmosphere with Mediterranean and Italian food. But watch out! The restaurant is only open during the weekends so planning and booking is required.

Palio’s Restaurant serves dinner on Fridays from 19h00 until 22h00 and on Saturdays from 19h00 until 22h30.

On Sundays, you can also have lunch at Palio’s Restaurant from 12h30 until 14h30.


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ORVM Lounge and Piano Bar

The ORVM Lounge and Piano Bar offers splendid sea views and a luxurious setting. The atmosphere of this lounge is exceptional and outstanding:

ovrm lounge and piano bar westin dragonara malta

What’s better than enjoying your cappuccino while relaxing at this luxurious lounge? Talk, read, laugh, relax and enjoy!

The accompanying beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Dragonara Casino lift your lounge experience to unknown heights!

The ORVM Lounge and Piano Bar is the excellent spot to socialise with other guests, friends and family. When you’re hungry, you can always order a snack or even a full meal here and this all day long! What about a portion of fresh, grilled vegetables for example?

grilled veg orvm lounge westin dragonara malta

The ORVM Lounge and Piano Bar comfortably accommodates both business and leisure travellers. Its setting provides impressive sea views and guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi here.

Hungry and fascinated by comfort, leisure and elegance? Visit the ORVM Lounge and Piano Bar and you’ll be astonished by its extensive menu and the accompanying atmosphere! Food is served from 12h00 until 24h00.

Special dishes for guests with food allergies are perfectly possible.


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ORVM Lounge and Piano Bar

Waaw! Oouuh! Wooeeh! Goosshh! This is what you hear when you’re secretly observing newly arrived guests! At first sight, the setting of the ORVM Lounge and Piano bar is astonishing.

It’s a classic but stylish lounge bar with a vibrant atmosphere:

luxurious interior orvm lounge and piano bar westin dragonara malta

The bar is specifically designed as a modern yet classy spot to socialise.

The ORVM Lounge and Piano Bar offers free Wi-Fi, a mind-blowing cocktail menu, warm drinks, and excellent food. This lounge bar simply is a hub of comfort.

Moreover, this bar offers live music throughout the evening. Every evening, guests can enjoy live music and entertainment here.

The ORVM Lounge and Piano Bar has a beautiful and classy terrace:

terrace orvm lounge and piano bar westin dragonara malta

The open-air terrace ensures comfort and relaxation in stylish surroundings. It offers stunning views and an enchanting atmosphere.

While at the terrace, guests can catch breathtaking views of the brilliant Mediterranean Sea. The Dragonara Casino is imposingly visible from the terrace as well:

orvm lounge terrace the westin dragonara malta

Whether you’re after soaking up the sun over a light lunch or enjoying the sea breeze over a delicious cocktail, the ORVM Lounge and Piano Bar ticks all the right boxes.

The ORVM Lounge and Piano Bar serves a varied selection of cocktails:

fruit cocktail orvm lounge terrace westin dragonara malta

It’s also possible to delight yourself with a lavish tea treat here on a lazy Sunday. The ORVM Lounge offers a lavish selection of tea pastries and dry cakes, warm scones served with jam and cream, a selection of cheese, ham and smoked salmon sandwiches, and a pot of tea for two.

This bar is open every day from 08h00 until 24h00.

If you are looking for a place to relax in an intimate atmosphere, this is definitely the place to be. There’s no doubt that this lounge should be on your to-do list while staying in the fabulous Westin Dragonara Malta.


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Bay View Bar

The Bay View Bar is located at the main pool deck of the resort. This bar offers a fantastic outdoor experience and is one of Westin Dragonara Malta’s unique summer products:

bay view bar westin dragonara malta

The Bay View Bar serves refreshing drinks, exotic cocktails and delectable snacks during the day. It’s an excellent spot to delight your taste buds with a light snack. Alternatively, you can quench your thirst here as well with a fancy, refreshing cocktail.

This bar is a trendy and inviting poolside bar which offers a unique taste of summer. The sea views and the sea breeze complete your pool experience here.

During the summer months (April – October) you can enjoy a snack or drink between 10h00 and 18h00 on a daily basis.


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Bedouin Bar

The Bedouin Bar is situated right at the water’s edge and offers stunning views and an enjoyable atmosphere:

bedouin bar with sea view westin dragonara malta

The Bedouin Bar is one of Westin Dragonara Malta’s unique spots to relax and unwind.

Its unique location and stylish design makes it the ideal spot to enjoy your drink in a distinctive environment.

Guests can relax on white sofas and cushions right by the water’s edge. During the day, the Bedouin Bar forms part of the Reef Club beach lido.

During the night, guests can enjoy a cool sea breeze, nice tunes, and a delicious cocktail here.

trendy bedouin bar by night westin dragonara malta

Every Friday night, a local events company organises parties here with excellent music and an enjoyable atmosphere.

Private and corporate events may be organised here as well during the summer months (from June to September). This open-air bar and its splendid atmosphere is the ideal venue to organise your private or corporate event!


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Leisure and Activities

Westin Dragonara Malta offers all the facilities you need to soak up the sun and to refresh yourself with a swim.

The Westin Resort features three pools: one indoor pool and two outdoor pools which are both situated in a private beach lido.

The heated indoor pool is excellent for a lap-swimming exercise which relaxes your muscles:

indoor pool westin dragonara resort malta

Westin Dragonara Malta’s two private beach lidos are the Bay View Pool and Deck and the Reef Club Pool and Deck.

These two lidos boast spacious sun decks ideal for lounging, large pools, a Jacuzzi, a paddling pool for the children and direct access to the sea. The first lido is the Bay View Pool and Deck:

Bay View Pool and Deck

The Bay View beach lido offers lovely views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Dragonara Casino:

bay view beach lido casino view westin dragonara malta

The Bay View beach lido consists of both an upper and a lower level:

The upper level boasts the Bay View pool deck which offers unrivalled views of the Mediterranean Sea. The pool deck features a beautiful freshwater outdoor pool, two pool-side whirlpool baths and a paddling pool for the children.

The Bay View beach lido’s lower level features a cosy beach for adult guests (+ 18). This beach offers direct access to the Mediterranean Sea and allows you to take a refreshing dip in the sea.

Your privacy is ensured here as only guests of the Westin Dragonara Malta can access this Bay View beach lido.


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Reef Club Pool and Deck

The Reef Club Pool and Deck beach lido is the second beach lido of the Westin Dragonara Malta. This beach lido boasts a fantastic outdoor freshwater pool and a huge pool deck with many sunbeds:

reef club pool deck sea view westin dragonara malta

It goes without saying that this Reef Club beach lido is another excellent spot to enjoy the sun and a sea breeze while sipping an excellent drink from the bar.

It’s the Bedouin Bar which serves a wide array of refreshing drinks to the Reef Club’s guests.

The Reef Club beach lido is an excellent place to cool off while relaxing during your stay. Especially its location and the breathtaking views make you forget your stressful life back home! You can seize the day here like nowhere else in Malta!

exclusive reef club pool westin dragonara malta

The Reef Club’s pool and sun deck can only be accessed by guests of the Westin Dragonara Malta (private beach lido).

Outsiders who pay a daily or seasonal fee can access the Reef Club’s peninsulas with direct access to the sea (but they aren’t allowed to access the Reef Club’s private pool and sun deck).

The Reef Club has a special spot for children. It’s an exclusive sandy cove where the younger generation can build sand castles and can paddle in the warm shallow waters.

Interesting to know is that the Westin Dragonara Malta has been awarded the Blue Flag eco-label status for its Reef Club. This means that the water quality and your safety are being monitored here.


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The Med Bar

The Med Bar is situated right by the Mediterranean sea and nearby the Dragonara Casino. It’s one of the most recent venues of the Westin Dragonara Malta.

medbar westin dragonara malta

During the summer months, when the sea is calm, the Med Bar is the excellent spot for some moments of serene relaxation.

The Med Bar is also an excellent venue to host an unforgettable event.

The private rocky beach of the Med Bar has been awarded the Blue Flag eco-label status as well. In other words, the water quality and your safety are being monitored here!


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Westin Executive Club Lounge

The Westin Executive Club Lounge is an excellent place to lounge in a private atmosphere.

westin executive club lounge westin dragonara resort malta

The Executive Club Lounge offers a spacious terrace on the 8th floor, free internet, a library (including international magazines), a plasma TV, a fireplace, a wine cellar and phone facilities.

This exclusive Club Lounge offers fabulous views of St. Julian’s, Sliema and Westin’s Reef Club beach lido. Its terrace, located on the 8th floor, is definitely a hidden jewel of Westin Dragonara Malta.

The Westin Executive Club Lounge is reserved exclusively to guests who stay in the the hotel’s Executive Suites. A delicious continental buffet breakfast is served here on a daily basis.

Executive Suites’ guests are also welcome to enjoy pre-dinner drinks here. The views of the Mediterranean Sea and the luxurious interior of this club lounge make this club special and unforgettable!

The Westin Executive Club Lounge is open from 06h00 until 22h00 every day of the week. After 18h00, only children older than 12 are allowed to access this club.


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Westin Workout Fitness studio

The Westin Dragonara Malta ensures that the fitness of its guests is taken care of. The fitness studio is well equipped with state-of-the-art fitness facilities and gymnasium equipment.

interior westin workout fitness studio westin dragonara malta

When you decide to do your workout here, you will be energised by inspiring sea views! The state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your exercises are enjoyable (or at least tolerable)!

The Westin Dragonara Malta also organises special, interactive classes for its guests! Two types of classes can be distinguished: Aerobics classes and Fitness classes.

Examples of Aerobics classes are Westin Pilates, Westin Yoga, Westin Aquatic and Westin Flex. The Westin Flex for example is a class which enhances your overall flexibility and posture:

outdoor westin flex class westin dragonara malta

The Westin Flex class is simply perfect to learn new stretching techniques, core stabilisation exercises and aerobics exercises.

Examples of Fitness classes are Westin Boot Camp, Westin Shapin, Westin Intense and Westin Spin. The Westin Spin is an energising spinning class with uplifting beats, perfect to burn excess calories:

aerobics studio westin dragonara resort malta

If you would like to participate in any of the group classes, just sign up in advance.

Besides these guided group classes, it’s also possible to hire a personal trainer who will assist you while doing your work-out. You can also book private swimming and tennis lessons at this Westin Workout Fitness Studio.

The fitness studio is also perfect for guests who just want to relax their muscles. Here, you can relax in the sauna, the whirlpool baths or the steam room. The heated indoor pool is also a possibility to energise your body!

The Westin Workout Fitness Studio is open from 06h00 until 22h00 on weekdays. During weekends and on public holidays, the fitness studio is open from 07h00 until 21h00.

Children under 16 years can only access the fitness studio if accompanied by an adult. The same applies to children under 16 years who want to access the heated indoor pool. After 19h00, children under 16 years can’t access the indoor pool.

Interesting to know is that the Westin Workout Fitness Studio provides you with peace of mind: towels and lockers are always available!


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Westin Family Kids Club

The Westin Dragonara Malta cares for your kids and their entertainment and recreation. The resort even has a special designated area for them: the Kids Club!

kids club westin dragonara resort malta

The Westin Family Kids Club is available for all kids between 3 and 12 years of age. Children can discover the unrivalled fun that the Westin Dragonara Resort has to offer here.

The Kids Club offers an interactive programme and a local activity guide. The latter includes guided activities such as a harbour cruise, a visit to Malta’s Bird Park, a visit to the Splash and Fun Water Park, a visit to Malta’s National Aquarium, etc.

kids club interior westin dragonara malta

The Kids Club focuses on families and their well-being. Special children meals can be ordered from the Westin Eat Well Menu for kids, according to the preferences of your kids.

What’s more, parents can dine totally stress-free in the Westin Dragonara Malta! As a parent, you can dine in one of Westin’s restaurants while your children can enjoy the Eat Well Menu for kids at The Westin Family Kids Club.

Isn’t that wonderful? You can relax and enjoy your meal in one of Westin’s restaurants while your energised children have the time of their lives at the Kids Club! That’s a win-win for both parties!

The Kids Club operates on a daily basis from June until September. From October until May, the Kids Club is only open on Sundays.


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Other Activities

The Westin Dragonara Resort Malta is he ideal place for those interested in water sports.

The Mediterranean Sea is known for its non-tidal, calm and clear waters. The enjoyable temperature of the water during the summer months is another advantage of the Maltese islands.

There’s good snorkelling and scuba diving close to shore. Westin’s well-equipped PADI dive centre ‘Divewise’ offers courses for both beginners and advanced divers and this the year round.

It’s also possible to opt for motor sports such as jet-skiing or para sailing if you’re longing for an adrenaline boost! You can also rent a motorboat or speedboat to explore the nearby coast.

The Dragonara Palace Casino is just the place for you if you love gaming and entertainment in a magnificent setting. The architectural design and the casino’s interior are extraordinarily beautiful. The Dragonara Casino is situated right at the water’s edge and offers breathtaking views of the sea.

The casino was remodelled in 2010 to feature state-of-the-art equipment and to stay the top-notch casino in Malta. The casino is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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Beauty Salon

The Westin Dragonara Malta’s Beauty Salon is Westin’s quiet spot for those seeking total relaxation. Here you can enjoy relaxing music, dimmed lights and the professional team’s treatments.

This Beauty Salon offers a wide range of treatments: Facial Treatments, Body Treatments and Hands and Feet Treatments.

An example of a facial treatment is Guinot’s flagship facial: the Hydradermie Treatment. This treatment infuses, hydrates and nourishes anti-aging ingredients deep into the epidermis by way of a mild galvanic current. This treatment of 70 minutes makes your skin look more rested and smoother!

The Cupping Massage is an example of a splendid body treatment. It’s a deep tissue massage based on traditional Chinese medicine. The Cupping Massage is effective in treating cellulite! It creates suction and negative pressure and drains excess fluids and toxins. It also increases the blood flow to the skin and your muscles and stimulates your peripheral nervous system.

An example of a hands and feet treatment is the Deluxe Pedicure. This pedicure is perfect to alleviate your tired feet and legs. It includes a wax treatment and nail varnish could be included as well if required. 

From Monday to Saturday, the Westin Dragonara Malta’s Beauty Salon is open from 09h00 until 19h00. On Sundays, the Beauty Salon opens on request and hence, a 50% surcharge applies.


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In Room Spa Service

At the Westin Dragonara Malta, you can have a Spa experience in your own private hotel room:

Imagine yourself opening your hotel room’s door to welcome your personal treatment specialist. Surprisingly, the specialist hands over an intriguing spa basket to you.

You’re super excited with your gift and you’re curious to discover what’s inside! After investigating it for let’s say 15 seconds, you discover it contains a beautiful flower, a bottle of water and a delicious but healthful treat.

You then focus on the specialist, who immediately tells you to have another, closer look at your basket… You soon realise it contains even more goodies: a letter with recommendations on how to make the most of your in-room spa experience, a CD with relaxing spa music and a selection of organic aromatherapy oils and room sprays.

The music helps you to relax before and during the treatment while the scent of the oils and room sprays stimulates your senses even more!

The above scenario is pure fiction in the ordinary world. But in the Westin Dragonara Malta, it’s simply reality! Isn’t this what we’re all looking for? These special holiday moments to be remembered for the rest of our days?

Westin Dragonara Malta offers 6 different in-room treatments: the Body Glow treatment, the Indian Head Massage, the Swedish Massage, the Aromatherapy Massage, the Deep Tissue Massage and the Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage.

During your stay at Westin Dragonara Malta, make sure you experience this signature in-room spa treatment in your own private and serene environment. It’s definitely worth it!


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Events and Business

Weddings and honeymoons

Westin Dragonara Malta’s venues are ideal for weddings and the perfect place to escape the stresses of everyday life. If you ever dreamed of a wedding right at the water’s edge, then Westin Dragonara Malta could make your dream come true.

There is a dedicated team of specialists at your disposal to help you plan each and every single detail of your wedding in the best way possible.

The scenery at the resort is unrivalled in the Maltese region. The location, the venues and the magnificent views offer the most memorable wedding you could ever imagine.

event at bedouin bar westin dragonara resort malta

The Westin Dragonara Malta features several wedding venues which are all located at breathtaking waterfront locations. Organising your wedding here means you can create a picture perfect setting and background for your special day!

The unrivalled and memorable views of the Mediterranean Sea are simply unforgettable:

beautiful wedding ceremony location quadro restaurant westin dragonara malta

Imagine saying “I do” while your guests are spoilt with sunshine, a cool sea breeze and magnificent sea views during your wedding ceremony! Isn’t this a complete fairytale?

Westin Dragonara Malta’s team of wedding planners takes care of the organisation and the decorations. These professionals know how to impressively add colour to your event in order to make it even more memorable:

wedding by the sea westin dragonara resort malta

Your wedding event, your special day… Shouldn’t you make the scene absolutely awesome and unforgettable? Aren’t you longing for a scene with an aura not available anywhere else? Westin Dragonara Malta offers endless possibilities to achieve all this!

For example, you could organise an elegant wedding reception at the Quadro Restaurant’s terrace:

reception quadro and palios terrace westin dragonara malta

The fairytale like setting provides a perfect backdrop for photos during your wedding reception. The terrace is spectacular and offers beautiful sea views. Your guests can enjoy your customised wedding menu while absorbing unforgettable sea views here!

terrace with view quadro on the reef westin dragonara resort malta

The Westin Dragonora Malta has indoor reception venues available as well! An example is the wonderful Pavilion venue:

reception setup at the pavilion venue westin dragonara resort malta

The Westin Dragonara Malta also excels in surprising honeymooners and guests on a romantic break. A private dinner, a bottle of bubbles, a wonderful bouquet, etc. The Westin Dragonara Malta will definitely surprise you!


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Meeting rooms and conference facilities

The Westin Dragonara Malta has several venues available which are perfect to organise a business meeting, a conference or another event. Westin Dragonara Malta boasts both a Business Centre and a Conference Centre.

Westin Dragonara Malta’s Business Centre for example offers excellent workstations and broadband Internet access.

reception business centre westin dragonara malta

You can also opt for a comfortable seat in the business centre’s lounge or library. High-speed Wi-Fi service is available at a fee here.

The Business Centre is also an excellent venue for conducting meetings and small conferences.

There are three boardrooms available which are perfect to organise a business meeting. The boardrooms are equipped with coffee facilities, mini-bars and the latest projectors and screens:

boardroom business centre westin dragonara malta

One of the three available boardrooms boasts a sea-view terrace which makes an outdoor meeting possible as well.

The Westin Dragonara Malta also boasts a magnificent Conference Centre. This Conference Centre offers 17 flexible meeting rooms and additional multi-purpose space of 1,400 square meters. It goes without saying that this Conference Centre is ideal for both intimate meetings and larger, theatre style conferences.

All the Syndicate Rooms enjoy natural light and the adjacent private patio is the ideal location to host an outdoor coffee break.

An example of an elegant conference room is the Pavilion Conference Room:

pavilion conference room westin dragonara malta

This Pavilion Conference Room has a capacity of 250 guests when set up in theatre style.

Another example is the Dragonara Point Ballroom with a total surface area of 485 square metres:

dragonara point ballroom westin dragonara resort malta

When set up in classroom style with a projection screen in the front, it has a capacity of 340 guests. When set up in theatre style (without desks) with a projection screen in the front, it has a capacity of 600 guests. When set up in reception style (picture above), the Dragonara Point Ballroom has a capacity of 1,000 guests.

The Westin Dragonara Malta also offers a range of business dining and catering options. The Reef Club for example provides an ideal place to have lunch after the meeting or conference:

lunch at reef club westin dragonara malta

Westin Dragonara Malta has all the resources available to support, organise, and plan your next corporate event!


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