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Hospitality, location, and elegance are the Waterfront Hotel Malta’s strengths!

The Waterfront Hotel Malta assures its guests an amazing view of the Sliema waterfront and the Valletta skyline. This hotel is perfectly located close to Manoel Island, Valletta, and the shopping area of Sliema.

Our rating

hearts-rating-3.5 Good!


  • Great location for tourists
  • Friendly and welcoming staff
  • Reasonable prices
  • Elegant rooms


  • The furniture is rather outdated
  • Busy area with lots of traffic

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The Waterfront Hotel Malta Review


The Waterfront Hotel Malta is one of the most prominent 4-star hotels in Malta.

exterior the waterfront hotel sliema malta

The hotel is located in a superb area along the Sliema Promenade overlooking the Sliema Creek. Guests can enjoy wonderful views here while taking a walk on a sunny day.

the waterfront hotel sliema promenade malta

The Waterfront Hotel Malta is strategically located to offer fascinating views of the Mediterranean Sea, Manoel Island and the Valletta skyline.

The perfect location of the hotel is one of its crucial advantages. In fact, the Waterfront Hotel Malta offers you one of the best locations to stay while in Malta.

For those who love shopping, the hotel is located near the shopping streets of the vibrant Sliema and also near The Point, Malta’s largest shopping mall.

In the Sliema area, one can find many nice small boutiques that sell shoes, designer bags, jewellery, home decoration and clothing. A huge Zara store is present as well.

Other attractions in Sliema are easily accessible from The Waterfront Hotel Malta as well. For example, there are many cosy, lively bars and restaurants that offer both light snacks and larger main courses. The lovely eateries offer food from all over the world. These bars and eateries are strategically located within walking distance!

Don’t worry though, you don’t need to exit the hotel in order to eat or have a drink as the Waterfront Hotel Malta of course also has its own restaurants and bars!

The Waterfront Hotel Malta is well situated near Sliema Ferries. The ferry to Valletta is only a couple of hundred metres away.

From the hotel, one can easily access the public transport as well. There are two important bus stops near The Waterfront Hotel Malta with buses driving to Valletta, to Cirkewwa (the north of Malta island where you can take the ferry to Gozo) and to other important parts of the island.

Taxis to and from the airport are also available and are reasonably priced.

The Waterfront Hotel Malta also provides a perfect venue for private and corporate events. Whether you want to organise a business meeting, a conference or an intimate birthday party, The Waterfront Hotel Malta is just the perfect place to execute your plans.


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Rooms and Suites

The Waterfront Hotel Malta has 116 elegant and well-furnished rooms available.

There are Deluxe Seaview Rooms which offer scintillating of the Marsamxett Harbour, Manoel Island, and Valletta: Malta’s capital city.

Alternatively, the Deluxe Side Seaview Rooms offer a partial sea view, while the Deluxe Inland Rooms overlook the hotel’s courtyard, offering complete silence for those who prefer to sleep a bit longer.

All rooms feature the following amenities:

  • Cable TV;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Private bathroom;
  • Safe;
  • Minibar;
  • Airconditioning system;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Telephone service for both inside and outside calls;
  • Balcony;
  • Tea and coffee making facilities (including kettle and two mugs);
  • Desk and chair;
  • Iron and ironing board;
  • Clock radio (AM-FM);
  • Room service.

All the bedrooms at The Waterfront Hotel Malta have either double or twin beds and can accommodate up to three persons.

The balconies at the front of the hotel command unrivalled views of the Mediterranean Sea, the colourful boats in the Sliema Creek, and the skyline of the beautiful Valletta.


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Deluxe Seaview Rooms

The Deluxe Seaview Rooms of the Waterfront Hotel Malta feature nice, private balconies. Guests can enjoy an amazing view over the harbour here.

deluxe seaview room the waterfront hotel malta

The rooms’ windows face Manoel Island and the Sliema harbour and offer plenty of natural light during the day.

The Deluxe Seaview Rooms are spacious and are equipped with a separate bathroom. This bathroom features a shower, a bathtub and a toilet.


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Deluxe Inland Rooms

The Deluxe Inland Rooms of the Waterfront Hotel Malta overlook the hotel’s courtyard.

These rooms are equipped with elegant furniture to ensure proper relaxation.

deluxe inland room the waterfront hotel malta

These Deluxe Inland Rooms rooms also feature a cosy and private balcony.

For the safety of your precious belongings like jewellery, all the rooms (including the Inland Rooms) of the Waterfront Hotel Malta are equipped with safe deposit boxes.


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Deluxe Side Seaview Rooms

The Waterfront Hotel Malta’s Deluxe Side Seaview Rooms provide the perfect spot for your holiday.

These rooms have a private balcony and large windows which guarantee lots of natural daylight.

These Deluxe Side Seaview Rooms feature a private en-suite bathroom equipped with, among many other things, a hair dryer.

deluxe side seaview room the waterfront hotel malta

The Deluxe Side Seaview Rooms are available with either double or twin beds, which is perfect for families.


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The Waterfront Hotel Malta offers its hungry guests three options: two amazing restaurants (Regatta Restaurant & Basilico Restaurant) and a cafeteria (Star Café).

All the dining venues at The Waterfront Hotel employ qualified and well experienced staff members.

Head of the Waterfront’s 25-strong kitchen team is Executive Chef Adrian Buttigieg.

Mr. Buttigieg gained experience in Luxembourg in the team of Michelin-star chef Cyril Molard and has won several national and international awards for his culinary talents. No wonder the dishes at The Waterfront Hotel Malta’s restaurants are simply delicious.

Regatta Restaurant

The Regatta Restaurant is the Waterfront Hotel Malta’s main restaurant. It’s elegantly designed and has large windows to ensure the guests can enjoy ample natural light while eating here.

interior regatta restaurant the waterfront hotel sliema malta

In this restaurant, guests can enjoy lovely views of Marsamxett Harbour and Manoel Island while enjoying a delicious buffet breakfast or buffet dinner.

view regatta restaurant the waterfront hotel malta

The Regatta Restaurant serves excellent Mediterranean cuisine in buffet-style.

This restaurant serves both delicious buffet breakfasts and mouthwatering buffet dinners on a daily basis.

dinner buffet at regatta restaurant the waterfront hotel malta

The Regatta restaurant also serves extensive Sunday buffet lunches from October until the end of June.

An example of a Sunday lunch menu is the following:

  • Antipasti: daily selection of delicious salads & antipasti, seafood and charcuterie. A selection of vinaigrettes and oils is available as well;
  • Delicious winter soups:
    • Soup of Thai mussels, coconut flavour and clam
    • Soup of pumpkin, cider, and peppered goat cheese
  • Live pasta station:
    • Penne with Black Angus beef ragout, tomatoes, carrots and white onions
    • Farfalle pasta with chives, lime cream, smoked salmon, charred leeks, and capers
  • Carving Station:
    • Slow-cooked loin of pork wrapped in pancetta, mushrooms and tasty wine jus
    • Tasty Barbary duck rubbed in honey and orange flavours and served with nice ginger and soy jus
  • Hot Buffet:
    • Zucchini lasagne with aubergine and feta cheese
    • Duo of calamari and Hake, served with Polenta cake and black sesame
    • Gratin Dauphinois with thyme and garlic
    • Marinated chicken served with wholegrain mustard and grilled peppercorn. Served on a bed of fried soba noodles
    • Panache of glazed, seasonal vegetables
    • Beef Bourguignon (braised chuck of beef (3 hours), served with delicious baby carrots, celery, healthy silver onions and new potatoes
  • Sweet Corner:
    • The Regatta Restaurant features a sweet tooth corner with a large variety of tarts, gateaux, biscuits and live cooked pancakes
    • A selection of local and international cheeses. Both soft and hard cheeses are available.

tasty meat dish regatta restaurant the waterfront hotel malta

The Regatta Restaurant serves breakfast on a daily basis from 07h30 until 10h00.

The Regatta Restaurant also serves dinner on a daily basis from 18h30 until 21h30.

Kids under 7 years dine here for free while kids between 7 and 12 years enjoy a 50% reduction.


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Basilico Restaurant

This is another noteworthy restaurant within The Waterfront Hotel Malta.

interior basilico restaurant the waterfront hotel sliema malta

The Basilico restaurant is the à la carte restaurant of the Waterfront Hotel. The restaurant serves outstanding Mediterranean cuisine such as tasty salads, pizza, pasta, grills and desserts.

The restaurant is operational on a daily basis and serves dinner from 18h00 until 22h30.

Additionally, the Basilico Restaurant is also open between 12h00 and 15h00 on Sundays for lunch.

An example of a great dish is the delicious grilled beef with tomato:

grilled beef with tomato basilico restaurant the waterfront hotel malta

The Basilico Restaurant also serves fresh fish dishes. The taste of the fish dishes is heavenly and they are beautifully presented as well:

fresh fish basilico restaurant the waterfront hotel malta

The friendly waiters and waitresses will make your dining experience even more pleasant here. They clearly enjoy working in this lovely restaurant and aim to serve you in the best way possible.


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Star Café

The Star Café is the Waterfront Hotel Malta’s coffee shop and is situated on the ground floor, right next to the hotel’s entrance and lobby area.

This modernly furnished Star Café has a casual atmosphere with comfortable seats, barstools and chairs:

interior star cafe the waterfront hotel sliema malta

The motto of the Star Café is ‘First we eat then we do everything else’. In other words, good food is of paramount importance here.

Enjoying the lovely food here can start in the early morning. You could choose for the heavenly Nutella pancakes for example, accompanied by one of the Café’s delicious coffees.

At the Star Café, guests can also enjoy a healthy salad for lunch. Examples of salads being served here are the classic chicken Caesar salad, mozzarella salad and a salad with Parma ham and mango.

Moreover, the Star Café serves a wide variety of simple yet delightful snacks such as bagels, baguettes, traditional Maltese ftira, home made pies, platters and wraps.

In the Star Café you get to enjoy these snacks in a serene and relaxed environment. Don’t forget to try one of their lovely wines while eating the exquisite bruscettas:

bruscettas at star cafe the waterfront hotel malta

The Star Café offers several special snacks as well such as 7 types of Jacket Potatoes. It’s highly recommended to try the delicious jacket potato with chicken and mushrooms. It’s truly one of the best delicacies you can enjoy at The Star Café.

Delicious food, a casual yet classy atmosphere and heavenly comfort are all present here.

The Star Café’s interior is classy and elegantly furnished. The large windows allow the guests to enjoy amazing views of the Sliema Creek and Manoel Island while enjoying their food and drinks:

interior star café the waterfront hotel malta

For breakfast, a quick lunch snack, a glass of wine or a great coffee, this is the place to be.

Guests with special dietary requirements or allergies are welcome here as well.

The Star Café is open seven days a week from 08h00 until late at night.


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Lobby Bar

The Lobby Bar is the hotel’s relaxation area. Guests can easily unwind and relax here while staying at The Waterfront Hotel Malta.

The Lobby Bar is spacious and features a centrally located bar.

lobby the waterfront hotel malta

The Lobby Bar offers a huge variety of beverages. You can drink your favourite beer, cocktail, soft drink, spirit, hot beverage or coffee liqueur here.

A few examples of available Short Cocktails are:

  • Manhattan (Bourbon Whisky, Martini red and a dash of Angostura bitter)
  • Margarita (Tequila, Triple sec and lemon juice)
  • Brandy Alexander (Brandy, Brown crème de cacao and cream)
  • Golden Dream (Galliano, Cointreau, orange juice and cream)
  • Cosmopolitan (vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lemon juice)

Some examples of available Coffee Liqueurs are:

  • Highland Coffee (Scottish whisky, coffee and cream)
  • French Coffee (Brandy, coffee and cream)
  • Maltese Coffee (Anisette, coffee and cream)
  • Jamaican Coffee (Dark rum, coffee and cream)
  • Italian Coffee (Amaretto, coffee and cream)
  • Irish Coffee (Irish whiskey, coffee and cream)

The furniture in the Lobby Bar offers comfort and complements your already stressless experience.

The hotel’s lobby is also well decorated, with a touch of marine.

Hotel guests are regularly entertained by live musicians at the bar and lobby. You can enjoy live music and performances on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The Lobby Bar is open seven days a week from 13h00 until 24h00.


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Skipper Bar

The Skipper Bar is the bar at the roof top terrace. This bar provides you with drinks and light snacks while you enjoy a lazy afternoon by the swimming pool.

The drinks and snacks (such as sandwiches) are all available at reasonable prices.

Enjoy a quenching cocktail, a refreshing beer or a sparkling soft drink while you relax under the Maltese sun!


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Leisure and Activities

The Waterfront Hotel Malta features a rooftop swimming pool on the roof top terrace. You can take a dip and enjoy excellent views of Manoel Island, Valletta’s skyline and Sliema from here!

outdoor swimming pool valletta view the waterfront hotel sliema malta

At the swimming pool, you can enjoy the summer sun while you unwind and relax.

The strategic location of the pool offers the guests astonishing views of the Mediterranean Sea and Valletta. Imagine yourself relaxing here with an ice cold drink… Just perfect!


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Events and Business

The Waterfront Hotel Malta features excellent venues for your private and corporate events.

Roof Top Terrace

The Roof Top Terrace is the Waterfront Hotel’s outdoor venue for weekly barbecue dinners and other events during the summer season.

The Roof Top Terrace offers thrilling views of the Mediterranean Sea, Manoel Island, Sliema and Valletta.

roof top terrace with nice view the waterfront hotel malta

As you can see, this is the perfect place to host a reception or an al fresco walking dinner. There’s simply no better place to let your guests enjoy wonderful views of the iconic Valletta and Manoel Island.


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Meeting and Conference Rooms

For those people wishing to organise a board meeting, the Boardroom is available on the ground floor in the lobby area of the hotel.

the boardroom meeting room the waterfront hotel sliema malta

This boardroom is equipped with all the relevant technology and furniture which is required for a professional meeting.

To create comfort on warm summer afternoons, this boardroom and the other two conference rooms are fully air-conditioned.

The Waterfront Hotel Malta also houses two conference rooms on the second floor of the hotel.

The first conference room is the Cygnet Suite and has a capacity of 40 persons.

The second conference room is the Acquarine Suite:

acquarine suite the waterfront hotel sliema malta

The Acquarine Suite is the largest conference room of the Waterfront Hotel Malta and has the capability to accommodate up to 200 guests.

A combination of the Acquarine Suite and the Cygnet Suite offers a capacity of 250 guests.

The Roof Top Terrace offers a spacious and perfect event venue as well.

event buffet rooftop terrace waterfront hotel malta

The Roof Top Terrace provides the perfect venue for meetings. Guests can enjoy the mouthwatering buffet served by the talented catering team here.

event rooftop terrace the waterfront hotel malta

The Waterfront Hotel Malta’s Roof Top Terrace ensures great views of the surroundings while hosting your event. These views give your event that extra touch you’re looking for!


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